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A​l​l tickets are paid in HKD. Prices in USD are estimated for informative purposes.


A​l​l tickets are paid in HKD. Prices in USD are estimated for informative purposes.

More Information

After the purchase has been completed, you will receive an e-ticket via email from StubHub.
On the day of the event, you can go directly to the gate and enter with your e-ticket.

Q: How do I buy tickets at StubHub?

A: On the StubHub home page, search for the game you want to see. Find tickets with specific seat features by using the filters on the match's page. Then select which tickets match what you want most and how many tickets you'll need.

Q: When can we buy tickets?

A: You can buy tickets from the general on sale date up until 2 business days before the game.

Q: Can we enter the venue even if the one who made the purchase isn't present?

A: No. The e-ticket is only valid for the person who made the purchase and their guests. There may be an I.D. check at the entrance to the venue.

Q: Can I cancel the tickets?

A: Cancellation is not allowed as long as the event is not canceled or postponed.

Q: "StubHub Pitch Side Seat", What is it?

A: 14 ground level pitch side seats will be available for all Cerezo Osaka J1 League matches held at Yanmar stadium. Included with these tickets is access to the Sakura Seat exclusive lounge, where you can enjoy free drinks and snacks. The prices for these seats are based on a dynamic pricing system, which means that ticket prices will be subject to change on a daily basis. Seats are on a first come, first served basis and location will be issued accordingly. The Price at the time of purchase is final. We cannot cancel, charge a difference or refund any money to the buyer if there is a price change at a later date to the original purchase.

Q: "SAKURA SEAT", What is it?

A: Sakura Seats are limited edition premium seats offered by Cerezo Osaka for all J1 League home games held at Yanmar Stadium, Nagai. There are 10 seats available total per match across 2 seating areas, “Lobina”, and “River”. Included with these tickets is access to the exclusive Sakura Seats Lounge, where you will be able to receive free drinks and snacks.

Q: Who do I contact if I need help or have a question?

A: :You can contact our friendly customer service team at

"StubHub Pitch Side Seat" Rules

  • You are not permitted to wear any supporter apparel of the visiting team.
  • In order to sustain the quality of the pitch and for your own safety, you are not permitted to wear any footwear with spikes or high heels while sitting pitch-side.
  • Only water and tea in plastic bottles are permitted to be consumed at pitch side.
  • Regardless of the weather you may not use an umbrella when sitting at the pitch-side seats.
  • Please note that photography and video are not allowed in this seat.
  • You may not leave your seats during match play. You may leave your seats during half-time but must follow the instructions given by the venue staff, in a timely and orderly fashion.
  • Your Image may be used by Cerezo Osaka, J League, StubHub or any media company present with the game rights. By purchasing the tickets you forgo the ability to claim your portrait rights.
  • Please keep in mind, due to the seats being ground level seats, your view of the pitch may be obstructed by signs, the bench, game officials, team officials or players.
  • Please pay attention to your surroundings during the game, as there is a sense of unpredictably in the game. Cerezo Osaka is not responsible for any injuries sustained due to being struck by a ball, player or any game related injury when you are pitch-side.
  • During half time you may only leave your seat when given permission form the stadium staff.
  • You must leave the pitch side seats within 20 minutes after the match has concluded. After being given permission to leave your seats from the stadium staff.
  • During the game a player, referee, ball person or staff member may stand pitch side in front of you. Please do not interfere with said persons.
  • Due to safety concerns Children under the age of 6 years old and patrons that require a wheelchair are not permitted to sit pitch-side.


  • Sakura Seats purchased at Yanmar Stadium are single seats and may not be issued as connected seats.
  • Due to the limited number of seats available we will be functioning on a first come first served basis, with seat location allocated the same way.
  • You are not permitted to wear or use any of the visiting teams apparel or supporter equipment while at a Sakura Seat.
  • The operating times for the Sakura Seat Lounge will vary ubetween matches. Information About the operating times will be included with your ticket information.

Price Cap for Resale

Yanmar Stadium Price Cap
KINCHO Stadium Price Cap

Cerezo Osaka

The time has finally come - Cerezo Osaka returns this season with the determination to continue writing successful pages on their great promotion story! Are you a fan? If so, make sure you buy your Cerezo Osaka tickets at the official marketplace StubHub and watch the team at one of their two home grounds, Kincho Stadium and Yanmar Stadium Nagai. Why not be there and witness the pink jerseys fight to remain at the top of the 18 team J1 league this season?

Cerezo Osaka tickets will provide you with access to one of the best atmospheres in Japanese football. Make sure you also wave to Lobby, the passionate wolf who serves as the club mascot every home game, and his mother, Madame Lobina. Quick, buy Cerezo Osaka tickets now at Cerezo Osaka, the team's official e-ticketing marketplace! If you're a season pass holder and want other Cerezo Osaka fans to enjoy the incredible experience of seeing the team play live, you can also sell your match tickets via our easy-to-use website.

2018 J1 League: How Will Cerezo Osaka Fair?

Last season was a particularly brilliant one for Cerezo Osaka, who managed to reach the top of the charts and win their very first J League YBC Levain Cup! Indeed, the pink team secured the title by scoring 2 goals against Kawasaki Frontale during the 2017 final, which took place at the Saitama Stadium. This being the club's first major title, there's no better time for you to buy your 2018 Cerezo Osaka tickets.

Originally formed as a company team for Yanmar in 1957, Cerezo Osaka have traditionally snuck into the J League's highest division through the playoffs, slowly but surely achieving greatness. Given their spells in Japan's most competitive league in years gone by, analysts are expecting a competitive display from the team this season. And let us not forget, few teams anywhere in the world can draw on the same levels of determination as Cerezo Osaka as the team give their all in every match and look forward to their Asia Football Champions League games.

Bearing in mind we at StubHub are the official e-ticketing marketplace for purchasing Cerezo Osaka tickets, you should get a hold of yours now, right here. The 18,000 Kincho Stadium is sure to fill up and provide a cracking atmosphere, especially when the big boys Urawa Red Diamonds or arch-rivals Gamba Osaka visit. Those with season passes who for whatever cannot attend a particular game can use our online e-ticket platform and sell their season pass for any Cerezo Osaka home match. 

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